How to Integrate Beef Stock into Everyday Cooking

February 21st, 2013 by Chef Louie

When it comes to everyday cooking, cooks have their own staples that frequently grace the home menu. There’s simply not enough time to create something elaborate on a daily basis.  This doesn’t mean that everyday meals need to be bland or overly simple. From the tried and true meat and potato dish to the on-the-fly stir fry, a little beef stock can spruce up the menu standards with ease. Some cooks prefer one-pot dishes for convenience and easy cleanup; others expand to dishes that call for a few more steps. Everyday meals should be filling, wholesome, tasty, and easy to make. More Than Gourmet’s beef stock provides a wonderful addition to your everyday meals.

Add just a little beef stock whenever you would normally add water for a hearty flavor boost. Beef stock transforms white and brown rice from a simple filler to a side dish that stands on its own. If you have the time, put a little chopped garlic and onion in the pot as well. Beef stock also provides a solution for those who are getting a little bored with steamed veggies. Sauté your vegetables of choice in butter or olive oil, and add a little beef stock just after they brown. Broccoli, green beans, and peppers benefit immensely from the rich flavor of a good beef stock.

Other popular menu staples that go with beef stock include spaghetti and casseroles. Add a little stock to your tomato sauce as it simmers for a hearty flavor that perfectly compliments meatballs or Bolognese style sauce. Casseroles – especially those that call for mushrooms, beef, or pork – gain a great flavor boost from beef stock.

Integrating beef stock into your everyday cooking is an easy way to add flavor without adding extra steps. More Than Gourmet’s beef stock is ideal for all your home menu staples – even the ones that don’t call for beef! Just add a little whenever you feel something is missing from your dish for gourmet results in a flash.

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