Cook Like a Chef

Many of our customers are well-trained "foodies."  Many are trained chefs! And there's a rapidly growing group of enthusiasts who are getting pretty good working their way around their kitchen and making some very fine meals. Regardless of your skill or experience, you can make a fine lamb or veal dish, a sensational seafood dinner, or the perfect finishing touch - an elegant sauce - for your main entrée. Great chefs can dress up the ordinary, and so can you! How about a stew or bisque prepared at home - the kind you drive miles to get at a fine dining restaurant? Save the gas, you can do it at home. Now we're not promising that you'll be an Iron Chef next week, but we do feel pretty certain you can make a gourmet restaurant meal at home that will impress your friends and delight your palate. It all begins with the foundation of great cooking, authentic French stocks and sauces from More Than Gourmet.

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