Dress up the ordinary

Everyday Gourmet Meals: Redressing the Ordinary

Make a gourmet meal everyday. Put a little magic in the mundane; transform the ordinary into something extraordinary with a little help from your culinary team at MTG. Have a little fun on the sides(dish).

See some of our favorite everyday meal recipes

Impress your friends with a twist to the spaghetti sauce from the jar. Quick. Easy. Tasty! Chicken breasts become a taste sensation with our Foundation Sauces. Make an elegant sauce to complement the steak or burger on the grill. Enjoy a satisfying soup, virtually from scratch and with ease in mintues, with great taste and less salt. (Try Sophie's chicken soup recipe.) There are easy, satisfying crock pot meals.  Add a real splash to your mashed with Grandma Chubby's gravy recipe. Our classic French stocks and sauces are products for everyday meals, all the time. We'll show you how...

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