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14 Sauces for Chicken That Are Restaurant-Quality Gourmet

14 Sauces for Chicken That Are Restaurant-Quality Gourmet

The versatility of chicken offers a chance to get creative in the kitchen. With so many good options of sauces for chicken, the possibilities for amazing flavor combinations abound.

A perfectly paired sauce elevates the dish for full-bodied flavor that rivals a gourmet restaurant dish. The selection of sauces for chicken below span a wide range of flavor profiles and textures, from rich and savory to spicy and light.

If you’re looking to showcase your culinary prowess and create a delectable meal, explore these chicken sauce recipes.

14 Palate-Pleasing Sauces for Chicken

1. Spicy Lemon Sauce

A zesty start to our list of chicken with sauces recipes features a beautiful balance of sour, spice and sweetness. Lemon juice forms the base of the sauce with ginger and crushed red pepper imparting a gentle heat. The addition of sugar balances the spice in this unique pan sauce.

Chef tip: Due to the acidic nature of lemon juice, keeping the marinating period brief is important. Marinating chicken in an acidic base for a short while allows the meat to remain tender. But an extended soak can lead to the toughening of the fibers in the meat.

Make the spicy lemon chicken sauce.

2. Savory Red Wine Sauce

Savory Red Wine Sauce

Certain sauces for chicken bring a hearty and satisfying element to a dish. This is one such recipe. A dry red wine makes for a great stewing liquid, while chopped vegetables add texture and enhance the overall flavor. Tomatoes ground the sauce with an earthy sweetness. Cooking the ingredients low and slow yields a multidimensional sauce that’s well worth the time commitment.

Make the savory red wine sauce.

3. Garlic White Wine Sauce

Next on the list of chicken sauces recipes is a delicious spin on a French classic. Also known as stinking rose, garlic is the star of this sauce. But don’t worry, as the cloves cook, the pungent flavor transforms into a sweet one. The acidity of a dry white wine will enhance the flavor of Glace de Poulet Gold® chicken stock to unlock a truly scrumptious flavor.

Make the garlic white wine sauce.

4. Sauce Supreme

The base of this creamy sauce for chicken is Classic Velouté Sauce, one of the five mother sauces of classic French cooking. In addition to being elegant and delicious, this sauce requires only a small amount of time to make. By adding heavy cream, you’ll create a velvety texture that exquisitely complements the chicken. For a gourmet-level sauce that you can create in minutes, look no further than sauce supreme.

Chef Tip: Sautéed mushrooms make an excellent companion to chicken with Sauce Supreme. You can even add mushroom flavoring to the sauce, as many traditional recipes call for.

Make sauce supreme.

5. Mushroom Fennel Sauce

Mushroom Fennel Sauce

Still searching for good sauces for chicken? French flavors are abundant in this recipe. Sauteed onions and garlic are just the start of this aromatic sauce. Fennel and mushroom simmer in a white wine and chicken stock base. Other notable ingredients include fresh basil and Nicoise olives. Spoon this sauce over roast chicken provençal and enjoy.

Make mushroom fennel sauce.  

6. Asian Lime Ginger Sauce

Bring Asian flavors to your chicken dish with this recipe. Tangy lime juice meets the umami flavor in soy sauce for a base that’s both intriguing and delicious. The many facets of this sauce make it ideal for adventurous palates. From the nutty richness of sesame oil to the fresh bite of ginger, there’s so much to appreciate in this sauce.

Make Asian lime ginger sauce.

7. Creamy Mustard Chive Sauce

If you want the sauce to take center stage, consider putting together this creamy mustard chive sauce. Shallots impart a mild sweetness, while Dijon mustard gives a tangy twist to the sauce. Cook the chicken in the sauce and, when the dish is complete, spoon the sauce on top to envelop the dish in the flavorful dressing.

Make creamy mustard chive sauce.

8. Brandy Infused Cream Sauce

Adding more sauce recipes to your personal cookbook is never a bad idea—especially when those recipes ignite superb flavors. For this sauce, sauteed shallots simmer in brandy. Thyme and Glace de Viande Gold enhance the flavor. The result is a succulent sauce that will have you desiring another plate.

Chef tip: Consistency is key in creating this delectable sauce. To make sure the texture is just right, see that the sauce coats the back of a spoon.

Make brandy cream sauce.

9. Fresh Citrus Pan Sauce

Fresh Citrus Pan Sauce

This recipe is ideal if you’re in the mood for a vibrant sauce that offers tangy and savory notes. In addition to lemon and orange juice, the zest of each fruit is also included. The roasted duck and chicken stock in this recipe pairs exquisitely with the citrus flavors. In the background, mellow shallots and sweet butter complete this appetizing topping.

Make fresh citrus pan sauce

10. Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Mushrooms are known for their umami flavor, making them ideal in savory sauces like this one. In addition, parsley provides the perfect understated backdrop, and a bit of white wine goes a long way in bringing together this topping. For the best flavor outcome, make sure to use a high-quality classic French white chicken stock such as Fond de Poulet Gold®.

Make the creamy mushroom sauce

11. Chicken Fondue

As we continue to explore different sauces for chicken, this out of the box option is one to keep in mind. Garlic, parsley and thyme simmer together in a white wine broth. Then, the chicken flavor is intensified with Glace de Poulet Gold®. A yogurt-based herb dipping sauce completes the meal. It may sound unusual, but this new take on fondue is a mouthwatering one.

Make chicken fondue.

12. White Wine Pan Sauce

There are a few different sauces that we have yet to explore. This silky sauce is best paired with chicken, vegetables or seafood. The versatile Fond De Poulet Gold makes it a favorite for gourmet home cooks looking to create culinary masterpieces. For the base, shallots and white wine simmer before a rich butter and flour paste joini in to round out the dish. Bon appetit!

Make white wine pan sauce.

13. Lemon Caper Sauce

A bright, citrus-centered topping is next on the list of chicken sauces recipes. When a creamy sauce feels too heavy, opt for this lemon juice and white wine-based one. Not only is this a full-bodied dressing for breaded chicken cutlets, but it’s also a time-efficient recipe. From the saltiness of the capers to the vibrance of the lemon zest, this sauce is sure to delight.

Chef tip: Capers taste best when they are firm and fresh. In light of this, cooking them for a short period of time is the best course of action. Avoid a mushy texture by adding these near the end of the process. 

14. Tomato and Herb Sauce

Tomato and Herb Sauce

Elevate traditional tomato sauce with this full-bodied recipe. The sauce starts with a sauteed base of hearty vegetables and is enlivened with bay leaves and herbs. Tomatoes and basil also make an appearance to balance the sauce. Plus, red lentils make for a hearty addition.

Make tomato and herb sauce.  

Cook Restaurant-Quality Sauces in the Comfort of Your Home

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