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Roasted Chicken Demi-Glace

7 reviews
For the first time ever, a true classic chicken stock bound with starch for sauce preparations is available for your kitchen. Jus de Poulet Lié Gold® is a complement to the award winning Glace de Poulet Gold®. Jus de Poulet Lié Gold® allows you to make all the classic, lighter colored, chicken-based sauces without the added time and effort typically required to bind a roux into the finished sauce. It also has a more dominant chicken flavor and blonde color. Now you can make all the classics quickly and easily. It is also great for enhancing soups and binding a variety of fresh vegetable sauces.

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How To Use Jus de Poulet Liè Gold®

Reconstitution Suggestion:
Use one part Jus de Poulet Lié Gold® to four parts hot water to make a classic roasted chicken demi-glace. Bring to a gentle simmer and whisk until completely dissolved.

Available Size(s):
16 oz. (450g) - Makes approximately 2/3 gal. (2.4 l) of classic roasted chicken demi-glace. 
1.5 oz. (42.5g) - Makes approximately 1 cup (237 ml) of classic roasted chicken demi-glace.

Jus de Poulet Liè Gold® Ingredients

Chicken Stock, Mirepoix Stock (made of carrot, celery and onion stocks), Roasted Chicken Stock, Dried Chicken Stock, Modified Food Starch, Water, Gelatin, Salt, White Wine, Chicken Fat. JUS-021507 

Product is gluten-free.

Jus de Poulet Liè Gold® Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 2 tsp. (11g)
Servings: About 4

Calories 25
Fat Cal. 0

*Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Total Fat 0g0%Total Carb. 2g1%
Sat. Fat 00%Fiber 0g0%
Trans Fat 0gSugars 1g
Cholest. 0mg0%Protein 3g
Sodium 210mg9% 
Vitamin A 0% • Vitamin C 0% • Calcium 0% • Iron 2%
Customer Reviews
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Gail T.
United States United States
Chicken-Demi glace

Great! Enhanced the flavor of my chicken soup. Actually, Love all your Demi-glaces

United States United States
Shopping at More Than Gormet

Easy to navigate the website. The products are consistently very good for the home cook, low in salt, and great to use in making sauces and gravies. Have used these products or 15 years and will continue to do so.

United States United States
Love this stuff!

Love, love, love this stuff! I typically make my own stock and freeze it after cooking it down to concentrate the flavors. That takes a while and a bit of freezer space. Store bought "stocks" are expensive and little more than lightly flavored salted water. This stuff is great for adding a strong flavor kick to a pan sauce, a pallid soup or stew, or just about anything. This is NOT a salt cake with a couple of teaspoons of chicken flavoring. The flavor is very concentrated without a lot of added salt. I recommend this product heartily and use it at least a few times a week (or one of the other demi-glace flavors available). The price might seem high, but it is really pretty inexpensive when you make a comparison. It also won't induce a stroke if you use it.

United States United States
My favorite of More Than Gourmet's three chicken reductions

I have been using More Than Gourmet's glaces and stock reductions for about 10 years. I have purchased just about all of them and have at least 6 different stocks in my pantry or refrigerator at any one time. I have often given a selection of the 1.5 oz. pucks to foodie friends of mine. One of the things that they often ask is, what is the difference between the three chicken based products, so I thought that I would include that information in this review: * Glace de Poulet Gold is a 20-time reduction of classic chicken stock. In other words, each ounce of Glace de Poulet Gold yields 20 ounce of chicken stock. Glace de Poulet is made with roasted bones and requires more than 24 hours of reduction to achieve its deep, rich, roasted color and syrupy consistency. * Jus de Poulet Lié Gold is a chicken based glace that includes a roux for thickening sauces. It allows you to make classical, lighter colored chicken based sauces without the added time and effort typically required to bind a roux into the finished sauce. * Fond de Poulet, a 40 to 1 reduction of classic white chicken stock. Just 1 ounce yields 5 cups of chicken stock. Since the Jus de Poulet Lié Gold contains a thickening agent (roux) like the beef based Demi-glace Gold it allows the home cook to easily make classic sauces such as Sauce Provencale and Madeira Sauce or to experiment by adding other gourmet products and create their own unique sauces. This is not necessarily the product that you would add to a soup as it would thicken it more than most people would want. However, if you are looking for a light colored chicken based glace to help you to create that special sauce quickly and easily this is the product for you. * Note: Some of the above descriptions of the stocks were borrowed from More Than Gourmet's website.

United States United States
A must-have for rich-tasting casseroles, pot pies, and gravies

The first time I used this in making chicken casserole, I was hooked. I had struggled for decades to get that perfect, rich flavor in the bechamel sauce that forms the basis of such casseroles. (If you despise the modern practice of using a can of cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup and start with butter or oil, add flour, then whisk in liquid, you are making a bechamel sauce.) Demi-glace like this transforms the sauce into something truly rich and satisfying. When I take the time to saute the mushrooms in a single layer with no other veggies in the pan until they are browned on both sides, the combination of flavors is unbeatable. I add most of the demi-glace early in the process before too much liquid is added so that it dissolves more quickly, use chicken broth as the primary liquid, add just a dash of cream, then add more demi-glace to taste. Throw in fresh sage, and you have ultimate comfort food. Demi-glace also comes in regular chicken, beef, fish, seafood, and pork, although I have yet to find the pork in sizes aimed at consumers rather than restaurants. Although I prefer the roast chicken flavor for veggie-heavy casseroles, I prefer the regular chicken flavor for chicken gravy. Two years ago, I had never heard of demi-glace, and now I consider it a pantry must-have. I am glad Amazon carries it, because the local grocery store does not.