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Authentic Sauce Recipes

More Than Gourmet was founded in 1993 on the singular concept of producing Culinary Grade stocks and sauces for the home and professional kitchen, founded on the authentic sauce recipes, culinary tradition, and the teachings of the great French Chef Master, Auguste Escoffier. Escoffier essentially wrote the book on classic French cooking and culinary technique, and his writings are still the basis of all culinary education worldwide. In his most important book, Guide Culinaire, published in 1903, on the very first page, he states what has become our mantra:

"Indeed, stock is everything in cooking, at least in French cooking. Without it, nothing can be done. If one's stock is good, what remains of the work is easy; if, on the other hand, it is bad or merely mediocre, it is quite hopeless to expect anything approaching a satisfactory result."

Thus, 18 years ago it was our humble idea to re-create and make available to chefs and home consumers Escoffier's authentic recipes. We began with the mother of all mother sauces - our Demi-Glace Gold®, a clean label, Culinary Grade, shelf stable product crafted without additives or preservatives. Over time, we have expanded our reach beyond this one product to over twenty. All products continue to be founded on the culinary tradition and teachings of the great French Chef Master, Escoffier. 

We didn't create the authentic sauce recipes. We simply strive to be faithful stewards of them by producing classic stocks and sauces for the home and professional cook.