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FREE SHIPPING on orders $50+

FAQs - More Then Gourmet

Q: Where can I find the “Best Buy” date on the 1.5oz products? 

If you remove the puck from the cardboard sleeve, you will find the date printed on the side of the puck. This information is printed in black ink, so it may be easier to hold it under a light source.

Q: Can I use my product past the “Best Buy” date?

There is no food safety issue with keeping and using product past the use by date. There may be changes in the flavor over time, but there is no concern with food safety as long as it is kept refrigerated after opening.

Q: What is the modified food starch that is used in the products?

The food starch used is gluten free as it is derived from Tapioca.

Q: What are the shelf lives of the products?

24 months unopened and then 6 months after opening in the fridge if stored in a sealed container (not freezer).