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Use Discount Code 25OFF for 25% off of all product
Use Discount Code 25OFF for 25% off of all product

Our Process

Blending classic culinary recipes and techniques with cutting-edge food processing technology is at the core of our sauce-making expertise. At MTG, we use the highest quality fresh food ingredients, apply state-of-the-art food processing technology, and produce products in a world-class, custom-built facility.

Our approach to sauce making is simple. Take the old world culinary recipes and techniques and study them. Dissect their essence and understand what scientific basis lies beneath. Take the pieces and reassemble them without the limitations of a typical commercial foodservice kitchen. Thus, we can develop a purpose-built process with the best equipment for the job. Since sauces and stocks are all we do, we can truly be specialists in our methods, our people, and our food processing facility, while remaining true to our roots in the French classics.

Our approach to food safety and global production standards is uncompromising. We are, as we say to each other, "certifiably certified." We're proud to have earned, and sustained, the following inspection certifications: