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Use Discount Code 25OFF for 25% off of all product
Use Discount Code 25OFF for 25% off of all product

Read the Label

At More Than Gourmet, all products are produced with scrupulous care and uncompromised quality. Compare our ingredient panels to other commercial brands and you'll find:

  • No chemicals
  • No MSG
  • No fillers or preservatives
  • No artificial anything

A note from our Culinary Team:
We have high standards, for we follow the strict mandates set by renowned Chef Master Auguste Escoffier. His techniques, still taught at the finest culinary institutes around the world, demanded product purity.

At MTG, through culinary education and practice, our cooks know that great taste comes naturally. Which is why all of our products are produced without excess sodium, without artificial flavors and colors, and without preservatives. Our classic French stocks and sauces are based on timeless, authentic recipes with ingredients our customers can understand.

At MTG, we believe "Less is More," and that customers prefer to season to their own tastes rather than have their cooking and flavor preferences decided for them by others.