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This Store is CLOSED.
This Store is CLOSED.


From Certified Master Chefs to Iron Chefs, from renowned food critics to highly-regarded cookbook authors, our products are used and have earned critical acclaim. We're happy about that, especially since we have never paid for anyone or any enterprise to endorse our products. We just believe it's best to let our classic French stocks and sauces, and those who use them, speak for themselves. We take special delight in the comments shared with us by the home cook - those new to cooking, the serious enthusiast, and the trained gourmands that use our products and share their great experiences (and recipes) with a inspiring passion. See what others have been saying, and what's been written and know that, if It's More Than Gourmet, It's More than Good™.

Our thanks to customer Ken B. who took the time to write us to compliment our customer service and our products.  Here's an excerpt from his letter: "Your service is as impressive as are your products . . . I now use your outstanding sauces and recommend them to my friends . . . I would not have taken the time to write . . . were I not convinced that your sauces and service were outstanding in every respect."
Customer Todd F. from Atlanta published a review of our Demi-Glace Gold. Here's what Todd had to say: "You just can't do French cooking well without it and quite honestly it works well in so many other dishes maybe you should give it a try. I liken this to using hot sauces...if something seems a bit too bland, why not punch it up? More Than Gourmet has a wide array of demi-glaces for a variety of dishes and I would strongly suggest checking them out too! And if you're looking for savory then there's no need to look any further."
"I have used your products for years now and feel the only way I can get great flavor is with MORE THAN GOURMET sauces and stocks. Adding Demi-Glace [to a sauce] . . . is a sure bet I’m going to serve a good meal to my family that night."
Donald, a customer from New Jersey


"The makers of the divine veal demi-glace, Demi-Glace Gold, have introduced a 100% vegetarian version for those of us looking for a good vegetable stock with true, full flavors. Veggie-Glace Gold is a heavy concentration of wine, onions, celery, carrots, garlic, tomato paste, and modified food starches . . . Veggie-Glace Gold makes a great base not only for hearty soups, but also for pasta sauces, vegetable ragouts, or light sauces for sautéed shellfish or grilled fish.”
Abigail Johnson Dodge
Chef and cookbook author, in Fine Cooking Magazine
“Absent from the Glace de Canard is the strong, musky flavor sometimes associated with duck stock. Instead, this version is appealingly light and round in flavor with sweet hints of tomato and bell pepper. Its savory, complex character and lovely, lip-smacking viscosity make it a great secret weapon for doctoring simple pan sauces or gravies for roasted poultry, red meats, pork and, of course, duck or other fowl.”
Molly Stevens
Chef, cooking teacher, food writer and editor, in Fine Cooking magazine
"Now, with one little spoonful of Glace de Fruits de Mer, I get that same rich, sweet, distinct shellfish flavor without all the hassle. My favorite use for the seafood reduction is to simply whisk a bit into some heavy cream and reduce it to make a sublime sauce for delicate fish, pasta, or shellfish. When reconstituted, the stock has the unmistakable . . . character of a true homemade shellfish stock. It's a wonderful base for delicious seafood stews and soups.”
Molly Stevens
Chef, cooking teacher, food writer and editor, in Fine Cooking Magazine
“When I opened the jar, the deep, rich aroma and silky, sticky texture announced that Demi-Glace Gold was in a league above any existing ready-made sauce base . . . It was, in fact, smoother and clearer than homemade (even after straining the homemade through a very fine sieve). Its syrupy consistency and mahogany color were flawless, and it delivered a deep rich meaty flavor . . . The real beauty of this product is the fact that it isn't just for classic sauce making. I enjoyed it the most when I used it for dishes like an impromptu pan sauce or a rice pilaf, everyday dishes that I'd never bother to make veal stock for, but that taste so much better with it."
Molly Stevens
Chef, cooking teacher, food writer and editor, in Fine Cooking magazine
"I have to say that I am quite impressed with the quality of this company's stocks and sauces. They are made of natural ingredients—no mystery preservatives or fillers. And most, if not all, are gluten-free."
Alexa Croft, blogger at Lexi's Kitchen: Modified Recipes for Modified Diets
Jacqueline Mallorca, a highly respected cook book author (The Wheat-Free Cook and Gluten-Free Italian) had this to say about our MTG turkey stock:  "Your company's product proved to be outstanding. Wonderfully rich and flavorful, and so convenient". Thanks, Jackie, and keep up the great cooking and writing.
"I use your sauce to cheat my way into making people think I'm a good cook. ;) I also put some Demi Gold into my French Onion Soup and it really enhances the flavor. Everybody just raves about it when I serve it."
A Happy Customer from Minnesota
" . . . because many store-bought chicken broths taste salty, wimpy, or just plain fake, it's important to be selective. Here are five flavorful options--good returns guaranteed.
1. More Than Gourmet Glace de Poulet Gold Classic Roasted Chicken Stock: When mixed with hot water, this paste becomes a full-flavored broth that tastes like roasted dark meat. "

Amy Albert
Food writer, Bon Appétit magazine
"More Than Gourmet Demi-Glace Gold: I discovered how brilliant it is as a shortcut to fabulous braised beef: brown a roast or chunks, dilute the concentrate with water, pour over meat, cover and bake for two to three hours. The result is a delicious dish that tastes like way more than the sum of its parts."
Katherine Miller
Food Writer, The Oregonian
"Your products are as good as gold".  David Ehly, Phillips Foods
"When a classical sauce requires demi-glace, More Than Gourmet is the key to a superlative level of taste."
Roger Fessaguet
Executive Chef


It always delights us to discover that a fine cook or author features our products.  Some places you'll find us:
Sauces (1998 and 2008) by James Peterson, winner of the James Beard Award
Morton's Steak Bible (2006) by Clarkson Potter Publishers
The Gourmet Cookbook by Ruth Reichl, winner of the James Beard Award
Glorious French Food (2002) and Cooking (2008) by James Peterson
In Good Taste by Victor Gielisse, Mary E. Kimbrough and Kathryn G. Gielisse
Georges Perrier Le Bec-Fin Recipes by Georges Perrier and Aliza Green
The Great Ranch Cookbook (1999) by Gwen Ashley Walters
Delicious Magazine UK (2008) by Coralie Dorman
Cuisine Actuelle by Victor Gielesse
Cuisine (1998) 
Food Product Design (2007) by Nancy Backas


"More Than Gourmet's Glace de Poulet is an excellent product.  For the first time there is a commercial product that can be used in sauces and soups as a replacement for homemade chicken broth.  It can be used to make pan de-glazed chicken sauces, and can be diluted to make excellent chicken broth for homemade soups, without the excess salt that is a problem with commercial broths."
James Peterson, James Beard award winner and noted author


"More Than Gourmet's outstanding stocks and sauces are truly the gold standard for flavor and quality."
Dana Jacobi
Cookbook author


“The flavors are pure and balanced. No over-salting here. The ingredients are all natural…”
Marilynn Marter
Food Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer


“If time is money, this product is worth every penny...”
Florence Fabricant
Food Writer, NY Times