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FREE SHIPPING on orders $50+

Who's Stirring the Pot?

In a very large commercial kitchen, there’s an entire brigade of people working intricately together to prepare and serve food. From the Executive Chef to the Garde Manger, sous chef to saucier, sommelier to waitstaff, they all work together toward a shared goal. At More Than Gourmet, we operate in much the same way. From the folks who cook the bones, stir the kettles, pack the products, consult with and provide service to our customers, and the cooks who dream up our newest innovations, all are focused on a shared goal: the best service and the best stocks and sauces for our customers. The best found anywhere.

Brad Sacks
CEO and Founder

You can follow us on Twitter (SauceGuy), on Facebook, or occasional appearances in Chef’s Louie’s home videos, where you can also meet other members of the MTG team.