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High quality gourmet helper
I shopped at the local market for veal stock and all the products contained sugar and "natural" flavorings. The sauce I made from the supermarket product was terrible. So I searched for a recipe on the Internet and found a recommendation for this product. I decided it was worth a try and I'm so glad I did. The wine sauce recipe on the package made a beautiful, smooth and delicious sauce for our grilled steak. I will certainly order this product again and recommend it to others.
Guest | 7/21/2017 9:41 AM
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I have spent days trying to make a sauce like this only to end up with a somewhat tasty, but insipid facsimile of the real thing. I finally came to the conclusion that a real demi glace requires the volume, time, and attention that only a professional kitchen can attain. More Than Gourmet has finally came up with a product that gives the home chef a high quality ingredient that I have been looking for over the last twenty years. I was skeptical at first, but I used it to make a mushroom, wine, and demi glace reduction for steak and I was amazed that the final product was virtually indistinguishable from one I had in an upscale restaurant a few weeks ago. (I'm now wondering that perhaps the restaurants have already discovered More Than Gourmet.)

If you are a home chef trying to achieve your own level of perfection for dishes requiring a deeply rich and robust demi glace, I think you will be extremely happy with this product.
Guest | 7/21/2017 9:42 AM
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Love the small packs
Demi-glace is a must for every pantry if you make stuff from scratch. Normally these come in larger tubs and I can't remember one time that I used it up before the expiration date. The smaller packs are more expensive on a unit price basis, but unless you make sauces and soups every day, this size is cheaper for me because I end up not throwing it out. This particular brand makes very good demi-glace in my opinion. Really a great way to "beef-up" (sorry about that) soups, stews and sauces - very professional results. I've made demi-glace once. That was enough. This is a great product and has a prominent place in my pantry. Would recommend to friends and family.
Guest | 7/21/2017 11:21 AM
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Just like I remember
In my much younger days, I worked my way up through the restaurant ranks from a dishwasher to an executive chef many years later. While paying my dues, I spent a great deal of time working as saucier. I made all of our stocks, sauces and soups from scratch and worked the saute station. When I made fond de veau (veal stock), I would take several gallons and I would reduce it down to almost nothing. Then I would pour the warm reduction into ice cubes trays and let it set. I'd pop them out and wrap individually in film. When we had to prepare braised dishes like short ribs, we would just drop a cube in to enrich the sauce.

Well I'm old now and stopped cooking professionally 20 years ago but I still remember how to prepare fine food. I no longer have what it takes to spend days making reductions. I sill use homemade stock in my preparations at home but so many dishes lacked that richness that my taste buds would often crave. I would pick up various products to give them a try. Some were okay (meh) but were quite expensive and I found it difficult to use the whole jar before it turned into a rubber scientific experiment in my fridge. Then one day I came upon the More Than Gourmet Glace de Veau and I am more than pleased with this find. My onion soup finally has the richness that was missing. My other soups and stews have that depth of flavor that I couldn't produce without heating up my kitchen for days. Since I live in FL, I look forward to our "winter" months to prepare the kinds of hearty dishes that I live for. If you have a refined palate and want a great short cut for your dishes, don't hesitate to try this product. Sometimes I will open one of the small tubs and just take out a small bit on the tip of a spoon to finish off a touch of pan gravy. I wrap the leftover amount right in its container and take it out when I want to enrich small amounts of sauces and gravies. Give it a try.
Guest | 7/21/2017 11:21 AM
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Always in the Pantry
Have used this awesome reduction for some time and discovered the multi-pack on Amazon for a nice price. We've used it to enrich our Christmas roast pan drippings to create excellent gravy. Works well in vegetable-beef soup and other beef-based single pot recipes too.
Guest | 7/21/2017 11:21 AM
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