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Save Time, Save Money

Shakespeare wrote "What a goodly outside falsehood hath."  Today, we think this could aptly apply to ingredient decks on food packaging and the real cost of food staples common in our pantries. What's the real cost of that broth? Why does this product have things in it I've never heard of, and why am I paying for it?   How much do we pay for the salt in the products we buy?  Good, nutritious food based on authentic and pure ingredients can save money and doesn't require a lot of time to prepare.  Our authentic, all natural, preservative- and chemical-free French Stocks and sauces are a great example. They are the perfect foundation for an elegant sauce, a soup, a side dish, or agourmet meal. They are lower in sodium, and satisfy the dietary and lifestyle needs of a diverse group of home cooks. We thank our loyal customers for teaching us that our products save them time and money. Too good to be true? Put us to the test. Compare commercial broths/stocks in boxes or cans to our classic stocks and sauces. A small amount of our Fond de Poulet®Glace De Viande®, or Veggie Stock® goes a long way. Just one to two ounces equals the equivalent of a carton of stock or broth. And our one pound packages will get maximum value for your hard- earned dollar. It's a lot less packaging, too. Good products here. Nothing false about that.


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Classic French Stocks and Sauces