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It's our Pantry, but it's been stocked for you, with products for all occasions, dietary lifestyles, and cooking skills. If you're preparing a challenging classic French recipe or something from Julia Child – let us be your secret sauciér. If you're just learning your way around the kitchen, or expanding your skills, we can be an ingredient in your recipe for a great meal. Our pantry is open 24/7. What you’ll find is the finest, purest, cook-friendly stock and sauce products produced anywhere. 

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Very Vegan 6 Pack

Your Vegan Recipes will love our Very Vegan Stock and Sauce packs!

Classic Roasted Turkey Stock

Glace de Volaille Gold® is reduced 20 times to create a wonderfully rich roasted turkey stock classic glace, or can be used full strength as a classic glace de volaille. As indispensable to special occasions as the turkey itself, our Glace de Volaille Gold® is the ideal beginning point for creating elegant sauces, soups, stuffings, and sides. The flavor of natural roasting juices cannot be surpassed in this roasted turkey stock. These deep, rich flavors create the perfect gravies to finish your most special dishes, complementing your dishes without overpowering them.

Classic (Rendered) Duck Fat

Graisse de Canard Gold® is a classic rendered duck fat that is perfect for confits and general sautés. Our duck fat’s high flash point and lower cholesterol make Graisse de Canard Gold® more versatile than simple butter or other cooking fats. Try it once and it will become a permanent staple in your kitchen.

Classic Roasted Turkey Demi-Glace

Jus de Volaille Lié Gold® is a complement to the award winning Glace de Volaille Gold® roasted turkey stock. Jus de Volaille Lié Gold® allows you to make turkey-based sauces and gravies without the added time and effort typically required to bind a roux into the finished sauce. The roasted turkey flavor will help make any meal a special occasion. After using Jus de Volaille Lié Gold® to make your turkey gravy, you’ll never want to make any other
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Classic French Stocks and Sauces